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Introduction for each section

There are 2 sections in this course. In the first section, you will become a master of reading the Korean alphabet. And in the second section, you will be able to make basic sentences in Korean.


Let's Test Your Korean Level !

✅ If your score is greater than 75%, I recommend you to start with GJK Level 2.

Lesson Preview

Basic structure of Hangul + Basic vowels(ㅣ ㅏ)



GJK Level 1 provides 53 high quality lecture videos, which will help you get through basic Korean.


This course contains 53 pdf textbooks that you can study during class and review after class.


You can practice with around 300 problems throughout the whole course.

Group Chat

By communicating with other students you can practice Korean in real life.

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Good Job Korean Level 1 ~ 4 (Bundle)

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