Korean teacher Kun

Hello, I'm Kun. I'm the older one! My strength in teaching Korean is that I can teach in a very easy-to-understand way. It is so important to build solid foundation when you start learning a language because, otherwise, you might have to study from the scratch again later. So I explain every expression and grammar point very easily so that you can perfectly understand everything. I'm sure you will be able to establish a strong foundation in Korean as you learn Korean with me!

Korean teacher Jin

Hello, I'm Jin. I'm the younger one! I am very confident that I can make learning Korean much more fun(I think I am funnier than Kun lol). Learning language becomes more enjoyable when you actually speak or hear what you've learned. So I am going to teach you expressions that Koreans actually use on a daily basis, and also I will be explaining in what context they are used. With me, studying Korean will be so fun to the point that you automatically want to learn more and more!