GJK was started from a single question.


"Why do so many Korean learners give up learning Korean?"

For the past several years, we have discovered many Korean learners are frustrated and easily give up learning Korean.

Obviously, Korean is not an easy language, but we found out fundamental problems with Korean learning services.

They are either unengaging or poorly organized, so they make you lose motivation and easily give up learning Korean.

But we are different. We are confident that we can give you more engaging, better, and more effective courses.

We promise that you will learn fast and have fun.

Thank you for letting us be part of your Korean learning journey.
-Kun & Jin

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Korean teacher Kun

Hello, I'm Kun. I'm the older one! My strength in teaching Korean is that I can teach in a very easy-to-understand way. It is essential to build a solid foundation when you start learning a language because, otherwise, you might have to study from scratch again later. So I explain every expression and grammar point very easily so that you can perfectly understand everything. I'm sure you will be able to establish a strong foundation in Korean as you learn Korean with me!

Korean teacher Jin

Hello, I'm Jin. I'm the younger one! I am very confident that I can make learning Korean much more fun(I think I am funnier than Kun lol). Learning a language becomes more enjoyable when you actually speak or hear what you've learned. So I am going to teach you expressions that Koreans actually use on a daily basis, and also I will be explaining in what context they are used. With me, studying Korean will be so fun to the point that you automatically want to learn more and more!