Speak Korean Confidently and Naturally with
Real-Life Contexts!

Learn Korean with 🥇The World's First Course featuring Real-life Dating videos.

Speak Korean Confidently and Naturally with 
Real-Life Contexts!

Learn Korean with 
World's First Course featuring Real-life Dating videos.


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Do you know what is the BEST way to learn Korean?


The key lies in experiencing how native speakers use the language in real-life contexts. That's why fluent Korean speakers often attribute their success to learning from Korean content like K-dramas and K-pop.

But you might be thinking, "As a beginner, can I really learn Korean solely from dramas and songs?" That's exactly why we created our Korean course combined with engaging real-life contexts.

In the GJK courses, you'll learn pronunciation, grammar, and expressions all at once through high-quality lessons that incorporate dating videos.

You'll also get a deeper understanding of Korean culture, like how to handle conversations when meeting someone for the first time and building new connections.

Most importantly, you'll enjoy learning Korean just as much as you enjoy watching K-dramas and listening to K-pop.

GJK students' stories


"As an English teacher in Korea, it really is beneficial to understand Korean"

I cannot be happier arriving in Korea knowing how to introduce myself, tell people where I live, and say what my interests and hobbies are. It was a massive step forward. Just being in a country and still continuing these courses has really helped me so much in everyday conversation as well as in my teaching at school.

- Juanita Mardon (South Africa)


"If you ever want to go on a blind date in Korea, you are good to go"

I recommended this course to all of my friends, all of my family, and literally everyone I know who is interested in learning another language. I'm like "You should learn Korean with GJK!" It is the best. Again, I've tried so many other courses and nothing else compares.

- Taylor Mills (Canada)


"After watching 'Crash Landing on You', I was completely shocked at the similarities between Korean culture and Nigerian culture. This got me really interested in learning the language"

I would keep going. The more they put out courses the more I'll sign up for them. I'm currently on level 3 and about to sign up for the level 4 course. If you're thinking about it. I think you should go for it. You will not regret it at all!

- Ise Popoola (Nigeria)


"I'm currently in Hongdae in Seoul. I've arrived 5 days ago and GJK helped me so much"

The lessons and the language they have given me have helped me so much to get around, figure out what to do, how to speak, and everything else. It's been a godsend. And it is so worth doing it.

- Louise Kerwin (Australia)


"I'm about to start an internship in Seoul next year. And I really look forward to putting everything I've learned into practice"

Now, I feel more comfortable and confident using those expressions in front of Korean native speakers whether it is for ordering at a restaurant, at the cafe, or even in front of my Korean friends during language exchange.

- Elisa-Marie Goubeau (France)

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