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Must-Visit Korean Cafés in Seoul: A Guide to Four Unique Experiences

article Feb 14, 2023
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 - Author: Good Job Korean team 
 - Editor: Good Job Korean team 

 In recent years Korean cafés have grown in popularity by offering a unique and thrilling experience to both locals and tourists. Many Korean cafés have their own unique concepts, ranging from the hippest to the coziest. In Korean cafes, visitors can thus have a one-of-a-kind and unique experience. In this blog, I'd like to introduce four distinct cafés in Seoul.


 1.Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 branch (스타벅스 경동 1960점)




 The first café I'd like to introduce is the "Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 Branch." You may be wondering how a Starbucks branch could offer a unique and exciting experience, but this particular Gyeongdong 1960 branch is quite different from others. It's located within the Gyeongdong traditional market, giving customers the chance to experience the ambiance of a traditional market. Additionally, the café has been renovated from an old theater, resulting in a unique interior. To top it off, artistic performances are also held inside the café. The Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 branch is located at 33, Gosanja-ro 36-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (floor 3~4).


 2.Hanok Tea House (한옥 찻집)



 The "Hanok Tea House," the second café, is situated between Changgyeonggung and Gyeongbokgung palaces. Tourists who want to see both sites will find it to be the ideal location because of this. With its traditional Korean Hanok-style interior and genuine Korean desserts and drinks, the tea house offers a unique experience for tourists. Additionally, it served as the filming location for the drama " Tale of the Nine Tailed ". The cost of the menu is, however, fairly high. The tea house can be found in Seoul at 9, Insadong 12-gil.


3.Peachgray(피치 그레이)


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피치그레이(@peach_gray)님의 공유 게시물


 The next one ‘Café Peachgray’ is a unique café that offers an experience where you can both draw and enjoy coffee. One of the features that sets it apart is that the menu is displayed on a palette. Moreover, there are many tourist attractions near the café, such as Lotte World, Seokchon Lake, Mongchontoseong Fortress, and Bangi-dong Food Alley, so after visiting the café, you can also visit other tourist destinations. It is located at Songpa-dong 25 in Songpa-gu, Seoul (the second floor).


 4.Yokmang Book Café  (욕망의 북카페)


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욕망의 북카페(@yokmangbookcafe)님의 공유 게시물


 Yokmang Book Café (욕망의 북카페) offers a selection of books, but you can also bring your own book to read there to simulate a library setting. The café also has a lovely rooftop, making it the perfect location for photos. The café is well recognized for its youthful ambiance and draws a younger population as a result of its location in the hip neighborhood of Gangnam. It is a fantastic destination for people who wants both coffee and adventure. Moreover, the neighborhood is also recognized for its shopping and street food. The location of the café is 616-10, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (second floor).


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 - Author: Good Job Korean team 
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