GJK Language School Review


#GJK 1 Language School

"Other online websites and apps all left me wanting and disappointed.

However, Through this course, I've exceeded even my own expectations."

- Juanita Mardon (South Africa)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I was reluctant at the beginning because I'm already over 50 years old, but nah! Turned out it went well!

It was one of the BEST decisions I ever made in my life!"

- Triya Ballas (Indonesia)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I was able to make new friends that we're also learning Korean. The class was wonderful.

Everyone was really supportive of each other and
we cheer each other on and we got to learn Korean together.

- Brittany Raj (U.S.)

#GJK 2 Language School

"In my experience, I have that sense of camaraderie when we are learning together. 

I had a terrific experience with Good Job Korean. I felt like the support was always there. "

- Stephen Michael Suminguit (Australia)

#GJK 2 Language School

"It's the BEST way, like I have tried all the other programs, but this one is very structured, organized."

- Lizbeth Franqui (Puerto Rico)

#GJK 2 Language School

"Studying Korean is a challenge for me.

But with great surprise, I found out that studying Korean is really really fun"

- Isabella Nardone (Italy)

#GJK 2 Language School

"I'm seeing and hearing now without having to rely on subtitles or having to look up lyrics."

- Sam Armstrong (Australia)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I had the opportunity to speak and correct the pronunciation even listened to the other classmates.

Having motivated classmates prompted me to do even more exercises."

- Cristina Cher (Italy)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I love every aspect of this program.

Learning a language is all about regularity. This is the key point of this program. Learning a little bit every day is much more efficient."

- Lim Malis (France)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I must say it was really an excellent-excellent program."

- Ise Popoola (Nigeria)

#GJK 1 Language School

"My pronunciation is much better than in previous rounds when I went to Korea.

We all celebrate our wins together"

- Lucas Chen (Australia)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I really really really learned a lot. That's improved my speaking skills a lot."

- Katy (Germany)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I was really able to understand and get past a lot of the hurdles that I couldn't do on my own. 

Now I'm able to do basic sentence structures, and understand my favorite K-pop lyrics."

- Caroline Tran (U.S.)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I'm much better prepared now for my next trip to Korea!"

- Annette Seifart (Switzerland)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I would not ever believe it, but at the end of a course I overcame my shame of speaking and making mistakes."

- Jessica (Italy)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I study a lot all the time. But for learning Korean, the methods of Good Job Korean are the best!

Every day we got homework and so we had a good rhythm of learning."

- Anne-Mie Havermans (Belgium)

#GJK 1 Language School

"I couldn't build sentences or even speak before.

But with Good Job Korean, I learned to write first simple sentences, to listen, and also to speak Korean."

- Claudia Menes (Germany)

#GJK 2 Language School

"It was absolutely amazing.

Good Job Korean language school is a safe environment to make many mistakes."

- Paloma Harris (South Africa)

#GJK 2 Language School

"It was so amazing and encouraging to be able to understand conversations in Korean."

- Isabel Inzunza (Mexico)

#GJK 2 Language School

"I really happy because I have been learning a lot.

Last year, I didn't even know Korean alphabet and now I can introduce myself in Korean and understand words from K-drama"

- Miriam (Mexico)

#GJK 2 Language School

"I really felt like my korean has improved!

- Dawn Anderson (U.S.)

#GJK 2 Language School

"Live class was amazing. It was a great success.

I can say that I reached 40~45% of understanding Korean."

- Tonia Luongo (Italy)